Mini Pickens Mi-kis

Mini Pickens Mi-Ki Puppies Available


Panda is 9 weeks old.

She has passed all her vet checks.


Contact me at : mikidogs@yahoo.com


Mi-Ki's are a very small breed, averaging from 4 to 8 pounds. They are very smart, quite, loving and adorable. Mi-Ki's do not shed but need groomed regularly. MI-KIS are a very new breed and rare breed. Only originating approximately 20 years ago. There are only about 500 of these pure bred Mi-Kis in existence. It is a very new breed. They are great travelers. Mine go everywhere with me. Patty has even been gambling with me in Las Vegas.

Mi-Ki's have the most wonderful personalities. Usually quiet and very smart. They are a great dog for a family looking for a good little house dog. Yet still hold their own with big dogs. Mi-Ki's come in several different color's, such as, white, silver and white, chocolate and white, sable and white, red and white, tri-color, and solid.

Mini Pickens Lady

Lady is 9 weeks old and has passed all her Vet checks.

She is Available.